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Lasse Meilsoe


Since I was a kid I love creating and building new things. I think I started my first "business" when I was 13. My particular added value to the world is to be able to understand business needs and processes and to build bridges to the tech side and get it done.

A key philosophy is that people do business with people. I am lucky, as I have always worked with people that were much smarter than me. All my great life lessons comes from interacting, learning and working with key people and I get enriched with every interaction. Those people are both customers, business partners and colleagues alike. To me, it's all the same.

Together we have created products, services, and delivered solutions that have been part of changing companies and industries.


Whatdrives me



When I was 13 years old, my friend Robin and I decided to make some pocket money. We were going to start a snow shoveling service in our neighborhood. We decided we would make a flyer. Hand it out door to door. Get some customers. Do the work. Get some money. Spend the money. Live the good life. The company name: "No More Snow on the Fortorv" (Danish for pavement). Unfortunately ... that winter we didn't get a lot of snow.

Peoplebuild this...


777 Partners and WORLDTICKET

In 2020 WorldTicket was acquired by Miami based 777 Partners private equity firm as part of a scale up and consolidation business plan. WorldTicket plays a strategic role in providing PSS hosting to a specific segment of airlines combined with an innovative business model of distribution via the Global Distribution Systems (GDS's).

As the only IT company acting as a PSS hosting provider, WorldTicket acquired their own airline to be able to act as a distributions partner in combination with providing a sales and passenger solution as a SaaS platform.

Founded in 2002 WorldTicket has grown to host and partner with more than 100 airlines providing all capabilities required for an airline to sell and distribute tickets around the world on their own Passenger Journey Retail solution, available in all IATA accredited travel agencies around the world with membership in more than 130 IATA BSP markets.

WorldTicket services airlines and industry partners in all time zones of the world from offices in Miami, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Kiev, Bangkok and Beijing.


Growing from the very first ticket sold in 2002 to more than 100 M USD system revenue WorldTicket became part of consolidated group of more than a handful of companies under 777 Partners Aviation IT Vertical.



FlexFlight is a Danish private charter and scheduled service airline holding a valid AOC in Denmark and San Marino. FlexFlight is managing VIP private jet aircrafts like Citation CJ2 and Challenger 604. The schedules passenger service between Denmark and Sweden enables FlexFlight to enter into interline and codeshare partnerships with WorldTickets airline customers for global access to GDS distribution and IATA BSP ticketing transactions.

FlexFlight is driven by a passionate team of captains and airline specialists that prioritise safety and quality in equipment an passenger experience.



Rentflow, established in 2018, is a new and innovative initiative in the rental tech space. The mission of Rentflow is to create better synergies between the landlords and the tenants by managing all the standard processes in one platform. Further, secure cash flow is provided for both parties.



Founded in year 2000, 2M Business Applications (2MBA) got of to a rocket launch entry to the market with both large Danish and international customers like IBM, Navision (now Microsoft Dynamics NAV), ASSET4, Thomson Reuters and The Danish Ministry of Industry and Trade. 2MBA has a unique combination of technical and visual communication capability, that produces web and cloud based software with a high degree of usability, viual communication and brand value. Lasse is founder and chairman of the board of directors.




The thing which inspires me the most is doing business with people. Real people that thrive on growth and execution like myself. To get to know their story, to learn from them and to face new challenges together with every new meeting. 

Like everybody else, I love my free time. My family, especially my children and grandchildren, friends, and all the people surrounding me are an enrichment for my daily life and inspires and freakting challenges me every day in a new way. I love basketball as I ever did. Or rather all the learning and valuable experiences that derived, and that I now recognize in all the important spheres of my life.

I love food. Thats it! In Denmark our restaurant scene has torpedoed to the top of the world stage. I am part of one small player of the industry. Our lovely little El Tapeo. Located in a uniquely amazing old building in the heart of Copenhagen, the restaurant is driven by lovely people who are passionate about incomparable delicious and unique vines from Spain accompanied by fantastic Tapas.


Where to find me next

Skærmbillede 2021-09-28 kl. 16.38.02.png


APR 2022 + JUL 2022


Fast Forward Capital ApS Kultorvet 11, 3rd floor 1175 COPENHAGEN DENMARK



Do you have a business case

My partners and I look to get engaged in business cases that are born global, have a strong component of SaaS primarily in the B2B space where growing geographically is a challenge with high potential.

If your business case has the potential to change critical processes, significantly improve outcome and disrupt an industry, we are interested to know more.

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